Organization starts here

If past attempts to get organized have left you frustrated, now is the time to consider working with a Professional Organizer.

I can help you to:


  • Develop and implement a customized organization plan for any area of your home or office
  • Repurpose or reclaim a room, closet, or storage area for new use
  • Organize around the arrival or departure of a household member (new baby, college student, or elderly parent)
  • Discard, donate, sell, recycle, and digitize to free up space


  • De-clutter and stage your property to maximize its appeal to buyers
  • Prepare for and get settled after a move (local or long-distance)
  • Manage downsizing to a smaller home or into an assisted living facility


  • Empty a storage unit or vacated property
  • Close an estate after the death of a loved one


  • Streamline and style your wardrobe
  • Create or update a paper or electronic filing system, or “go paperless”
  • Manage multiple homes or storage units effectively
  • Improve your skills in organizing around objects, data, and time
  • Maintain organization with regular or refresher visits

I can also:

  • Supervise movers or contractors on your behalf
  • Handle donation drop-off and shopping for organizing materials
  • Assemble and manage an appropriate team for large or specialized jobs
  • And much more.

The right environment around you can make whatever job you’re doing pleasurable, no matter how small the task.
— Alice Waters (Chez Panisse)