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I'm passionate about organizing. I'm also a film producer with 10 years of experience balancing creativity with careful planning.

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Are you preparing for a move? Organizing a closet, home office, garage, or pantry? Schedule a free phone consultation today!

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"Thank you so much with your help on my last move. I couldn't have done it without you!" —C.K.

"Shara has helped my husband and I with multiple projects and is excellent at what she does. She is an organizing expert! She is a hard worker and will maximize her time with you. Her creativity and flexibility to adapt to every situation is how she is so successful. She is definitely worth the investment and she will help you improve your quality of life." —M.L.

"When I had to clean out my mom’s closet Shara proved to be a lifesaver.  She has a very keen eye for which items should be sold online, consigned, donated, tossed or saved and she was very patient and non-pressuring.  I could not have tackled this project without her!!" —A.M.

"Shara is an organizing rockstar.  Watching her in action is kind of like seeing magic. She is very professional, yet personable.  She helped me on both ends of my move — organizing, packing, unpacking and organizing again — when I had a 10 month old baby at home. She has a way of taking the stress out of a stressful situation. I would highly recommend Shara to anyone looking for a professional organizer!" —J.G.

"Shara was amazingly helpful in getting our closet organized. She spent time helping us sort things and showing us how to fold items in order to maximize our space and create a beautiful visual aesthetic! The system she helped us put in place is one that we will be able to keep up on our own. Thank you Shara for helping us get this closet done so beautifully and quickly!" —N.H.

"Shara Kay is a kitchen magician! Within a few hours in my kitchen, she helped me slice and dice (figuratively) and pare down (literally) things I did not need to free up and find spaces and places for things that I need." —M.M.

“Shara helped me adapt a new home to meet my needs. We installed systems that massively improve efficiency and make my quality of life great. Neat and tidy organizational systems create a clean look and make me feel like I’m getting the best use out of the space.” —B.G.


Shara Kay is a five star Thumbtack Top Pro and top Beverly Hills, California professional organizer on!