Marie Kondo's magical folding method

After reading Marie Kondo's mega-bestseller THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP, I couldn't wait to try out her unique folding method.

She recommends folding garments in thirds vertically and horizontally so that they stand up in a drawer or other container like files, instead of in stacks which press wrinkles into clothes. Kondo's method looks beautiful and has the added benefit of making all of your items visible at once so that you can:

  • incorporate more of your items into regular rotation instead of picking from the top of a stack
  • more easily see redundancy or gaps in what you own
  • not waste time sorting through a stack for a particular item

The incredible part is that it takes up less space. I had a hard time believing this until I re-folded the contents of my dresser and ended up with an entire empty drawer

It's been a few weeks since my conversion to Kondo's method. Folding clean laundry takes a few extra minutes as I'm still getting accustomed to it. Even if I don't get much faster, I'd have to say it's worth it for wrinkle-free clothes, extra drawer space, and being able to see all my items standing neatly in a row. 

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Image courtesy of  @letsjustorderapizza

Image courtesy of @letsjustorderapizza