My Best Kitchen Organization Tips


I love to cook, and find that keeping an organized kitchen and pantry is essential to supporting that passion. It's no surprise, then, that kitchens are some of my favorite spaces to organize for clients! Whether you have four cabinets or forty, the same principles apply. Here are some basic tips and strategies:


-      Store like with like and position things close to where you’ll use them. Reserve “prime real estate” near your main prep station for most frequently used items.

-      Keep countertops clear. You’ll be more likely to eat healthfully if you’ve created space to cook with fresh ingredients!

-      If you find yourself piling mail or other paperwork in the kitchen, designate a specific area to process it.


-      Use drawer dividers or organizer trays for utensils and hand tools.

-      Store heavier items like small appliances in bottom cabinets, and lighter items like glasses and plates in top cabinets.

-      Nest your mixing bowls and food storage containers.

-      Organize container lids by size. Consider a vertical sorter for lids to pots and pans.

-      Special pieces for holidays and entertaining can be stored elsewhere if kitchen space is limited.

-      Reserve the area under the sink for cleaning supplies and trash bags. Affix caddies and/or hooks to the inside of cabinet doors for sponge, scrubber, and gloves. 



-      Decant and toss bulky, unattractive packaging to save space and keep food fresh.

-      Turntables are great for liquids like oils and vinegars.

-      Use risers for cans and spices, or designate and line a spice drawer.

-      Keep an inventory and/or shopping list.



-      Let go of: gimmicky single-purpose tools, especially bulky or redundant ones; mismatched or chipped dishes and glassware; novelty mugs and branded giveaway items; expired food and spices; old plastic containers that may not be food safe; kitchen appliance manuals you can access online.

-      Have you accumulated too many of one thing...maybe mugs, water bottles, vases? You’re probably only using 20% of them.

-      If you're holding on to something you don’t like or use because it was inherited or given as a gift, consider taking a photo and then letting it go. (Applies equally well in other rooms!)