Why Organizing Matters


Sure, an organized space is aesthetically pleasing. Matching bins and printed labels make for beautiful “after” photos. But organizing is important for reasons far beyond aesthetics. What keeps me so excited about my work is the transformational effect on my clients’ quality of life.

For instance…

Time: What’s the value of an extra 91 hours? This is the amount of time you’ll save over the course of a year if you shave 15 minutes off your morning routine by being more organized in the closet, bathroom, and-or kitchen. Think of how much faster you get ready when traveling because you’ve narrowed down your options and everything is close at hand. It’s very achievable to mimic this at home by eliminating clutter and arranging things efficiently, i.e. storing like with like and keeping things close to where they are used, with everyday items getting place of priority.

Money: There are literal savings to be achieved in not buying duplicates of things you know you own but cannot find, or have forgotten about because they are pushed to the back of an overfull cabinet or drawer. Your items will last longer if they are stored properly and it will be easier to maintain them if they’re easily accessible. You’ll save on storage, you’ll save on your next move. If issues with paper organization are resulting in late fees and interest charges, perhaps even impacting your credit score, getting organized can be of major financial benefit.

Stress: Disorganization is stressful. Piles of stuff on your desk, table, counters or floor signaling to your mind that your work is never done? Running late because you left something behind? Perhaps clutter is impacting relationships with family or others who share the space. It might be making you feel bad about yourself. Organizing on your own or with a pro will take an investment of time and effort, but the process should yield a calmer, less stressful environment

Heath: A better organized space is easier to keep clean, which means breathing in less dust and dirt and avoiding pests. Clean countertops and organized pantries can promote healthier food choices by inspiring you to cook with fresh ingredients. Letting go of expired food and medications can prevent serious illness. Less stuff in the bedroom may lead to better sleep, and thereby help your mind and body function at their best.

Organizing can be truly life-changing. Don’t get me wrong. I like containers, too. But it’s not about the containers.