So You've Hired a Professional Organizer


Congratulations! If it’s us, we’re so looking forward to working with you! Here are a few suggestions for what to expect and how to make the most of your investment in getting organized.


Please don’t: apologize for your “mess” or ask us to compare you with other clients. We’re not judging you – we’re here to help.

Please do: give us a chance to win over your skeptical partner. Some of our most enthusiastic clients started out as the reluctant spouse or colleague. As long as we have their consent to organize shared belongings, we look forward to showing them what we can do.


Please don’t: straighten up in advance of our visits. In fact, seeing the typical state of things helps us determine the right solutions.

Please do: (if possible) make arrangements for kids and pets to be out of the space where we’re organizing. Adorable as they are, it’s better for their safety and our efficiency if they can be elsewhere during the session.


Please don’t: panic when you see the contents of a closet or a room all spread out. It will look worse before it looks better. Sorting is a key step of the process.

Please do: communicate! The more you share with us about your goals, style, and habits, the better we can customize the results. If there is something misplaced that you’d be excited to find, please tell us so we can alert you if it’s discovered…we enjoy the treasure hunt, too!


Please don’t: worry about us getting rid of your stuff. We will always obtain your permission before donating or disposing of anything.

Please do: make time during our appointments to review and give feedback, if not in person then via text or video call. If you prefer to work side by side with us, please expect that it can be physically and emotionally draining (more so when it is your own belongings). You’ll want to be well-rested, fed and hydrated and take breaks as needed.


Please don’t: confuse the pace of reality TV for reality. Our project will not be completed in the 30 minutes it takes to remodel, redecorate, or reorganize a house on television.

Please do: expect to see real progress with each session! Organizing takes work but the payoff is relatively quick and tangible (compared with exercising, for instance) and we’ll be documenting what we achieve.


Please don’t: despair over “backsliding.” Life happens and your level of organization can take a hit. If you need help keeping things on track, we can schedule routine maintenance (monthly, seasonal or twice yearly) or set refresh appointments as needed.

Please do: make an effort at maintaining the systems we create. Like other things, organization gets easier with practice and can become routine.


Please don’t: stay silent if there’s something we suggest or do that isn’t working for you. We want to know so we can address it.

Please do: spread the word if you’re happy with our service! A referral is the highest compliment you can give.