It's In the Bag


We like to be prepared and never mind a Mary Poppins joke! Our standard organizing kit currently consists of two shoulder bags and a few larger items.

1.     The bag of tricks: The bag itself is a Baggallini, a line designed by travel agents to be the ultimate carry-ons. We love all the compartments!

-  Outside pocket #1: DYMO Label Manager 280 and charger (no worrying about batteries)

- Outside pocket #2: Eco-friendly all-purpose wipes

- Inside, in labeled gallon baggies, in a variety of sizes, colors, etc.:

  • Tapes & adhesives

  • Bags & baggies

  • Tags & ties

  • Hooks

  • Post-Its

  • Label tape cartridges

  • Protective equipment (i.e. gloves, shoe covers, masks)

  • Picture hanging kit

  • Magic sliders & felt pads


2.     The bag of tools:

- In an Art Bin:

  • Scissors

  • Utility knives

  • Cordless screwdriver

  • Folding 24” ruler

  • Rotary cutter

  • Hammer

  • Rubber mallet

  • Hole punch

  • Pliers (for moving shelf pegs)

  • Lemon oil (for removing stickers)

  • Tape measures (hard and soft)

- A folder with card-stock & large printable labels

- Office supply kit: sharpies, pens, pencils, highlighter, oil pen, binder clips, paper clips…

- Micro-fiber cloths


3.     The bigger stuff:

Lifetime 4’ adjustable height folding table(s): these raise up to 36,” key for working while standing

- Step ladder

- Contractor bags: our favorite are the Target brand

- Large clear recycling bags, such as Ultrasac

- Stackable hampers for sorting

4.     Just when needed:

- Rolling garment racks

- Instant camera

- Laminating machine

- Home office shredder (we call a shredding truck for bigger jobs)

Want sources for anything that’s not linked? Are we missing your favorite organizing tool? Let us know!

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